Dear colleagues

As from January 1st 2018 a new international association has gone into foundation.

The International Association for Police Officers (IAPO) is our initiative in establishing contacts and friendships for police officers (national and international) and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.

“The IAPO will support all its members in professional, social and sporting activities, create contacts, strengthen and maintain expertise and know how and exchange, promote and initiate best practice amongst the membership”.

The IAPO can be an alternative for (young) police officers in connecting themselves to a new International Association.

We do not seek a competitive role towards or against existing international organizations. On the contrary, we have an open mindset for all kinds of support for these members and colleagues from abroad that contact us.

We invite all officers to join us on our road to a new, modern and effective international organization.

If you want to be part of us, join and click on this application form

Kees Sal en Johanna Schotanus

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