About us…

As from January 1st 2018 a new international association has gone into foundation. The International Association for Police Officers (IAPO) is an initiation by and for police officers of the National Police of The Netherlands and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and will, amongst other items, work on establishing international contacts and friendships.

International Board

As from January 1st 2018 the association is in foundation. This means that until the foundation meeting we expect to hold in August 2018 there is yet no formal elected International Board. Until such time the affairs and activities will be looked after by Kees Sal and Johanna Schotanus. We expect the 1st International Board to be elected during the foundation meeting.


We identify different kinds of exchanges

  1. (Holiday) homes or house exchange of members who are willing to exchange their homes for a short period (holiday) with another member
  2. Exchange of knowledge and know how of a specific specialism
  3. Accommodation for students from abroad
  4. Hobby exchanges from crafts to antique cars. Every hobby can and may.


Welcome on the contact page of the International Association for Police Officers (IAPO)

You can submit any questions, remarks or feedback on this page.

Our aim is to reply within 24 hours.

In the event of contacting us by phone, you can call Monday-Friday between 08.00-17.00 hrs.

Membership IAPO

Who can become a member

  • Every sworn in police officer of the police
  • Every sworn in police officer of the Royal Marechaussee (The Netherlands)
  • Every sworn in police officer that has retired from the Police force

Application for the IAPO

Your application form can be sent directly to the address mentioned on the applicationform.

When applying a copy of your police warrant card or any other document relating to your occupation as a police officer is required.

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