As from January 1st 2018 the association is in foundation. This means that until the foundation meeting we expect to hold in August 2018 there is yet no formal elected International Board. Until such time the affairs and activities will be looked after by Kees Sal and Johanna Schotanus. We expect the 1st International Board to be elected during the foundation meeting.

Candidates are for an active board function are invited to put in their application through the contact form.

Only members can apply for and be elected as an International Board member.

When applying we ask you to send in your CV, photograph and motivation for applying for an international board function.

Keep in mind that until the founding meeting, the International Assembly of the members can decide on and if there will be financial compensation for your efforts. The association is based on sole volunteer ship and is not a payed function.

A proposal will be made in time to define the structure of the IAPO and the necessary functions within the IAPO.

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